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You’ve worked hard to protect your family – Estate Planning protects them for when you’re no longer around. You want to be prepared, but sometimes the most challenging part is knowing where to start.
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With GoWillTrust assisting you with your estate planning needs, you can finally exhale, leave the guesswork behind, and begin moving forward with the peace of mind that only comes with the protection of a legally-binding Estate Plan.

Create an Estate Plan

We Make Estate Planning Simple

Everyone needs at least a basic Estate Plan. GoWillTrust makes Estate Planning simple and painless, so you don’t need to let a potentially uncomfortable discussion dissuade you from preserving your legacy.

We offer the following Estate Planning services at affordable and transparent prices:

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Avoid probate by creating a complete Trust-Based Estate Plan for the protection and transfer of your most important assets.


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Will-Based Estate Plan

A plan for who will look after your children, what should happen to your assets, and how you’d like to be cared for when you need it.


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Guardian Plan

Make sure your kids are looked after by someone you know and trust, in case something happens to you.


Estate planning with GoWillTrust is a seamless process that eliminates much of the stress traditionally associated with creating an Estate Plan.

How It Works

Our document preparation services involve just three simple steps:
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Choose the right plan for your lifestyle.

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Answer the required questions.

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Download your document.

That’s it! Once your document is in your hands, you can begin enjoying the present
with the assurance that your loved ones and assets are protected from the unexpected.
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Friendly Reminder

We recognize that online estate planning is not the right fit for all. Some complex circumstances require a greater degree of legal counsel. If we believe your needs lie outside of our level of service, we’ll let you know where the assistance of a lawyer may be more appropriate. We will also provide a printable version of your responses that you may bring to your lawyer to ensure you get the most out of your time.

Fast, secure, and easy to use

Preserve Your Legacy in Just a Few Clicks

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We’re on a mission to help people plan for the future. All of your information is kept safe and secure using bank-level encryption. If you have questions along the way, our team of customer support experts are standing by to help. Get started by browsing our services or contacting our dedicated team today.

The company offers the following services

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Setting up Guardianships

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Setting up Powers of Attorney

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Setting up Trust

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Writing Wills

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Get Started Today

Your documents will be shipped straight to your door, for free.



Commonly Asked

What Are the Benefits of Estate Planning?
Estate Planning enables you to determine how you want your case handled. It also minimizes the taxes your beneficiaries will likely face.

If you fail to plan, the state where you live will distribute your property according to the law without regard to your wishes. The Estate will be subjected to court costs and lawyer’s fees as it is probated in the courts.

What Are the Steps of Estate Planning?
First, take an inventory of your property and assets, including houses, real estate, and cars, as well as stocks, bonds, insurance policies, retirement accounts, jewelry, and collectibles, etc.

Next, select your beneficiaries and how your assets are divided. You can also determine who will handle your financial and medical affairs if incapacitated.

Then, discuss the issues with your heirs, ensuring they understand your intentions. Finally, select your desired service from GoWillTrust to make your wishes official and legally binding.

What Is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?
Where a Will is a legal document specifying who should care for your children and receive your assets and handle any final debts or taxes upon your death, a Trust does much more.

A Trust is a legally binding arrangement that can be organized in multiple ways that allow a trustee to hold the assets and pass them to beneficiaries at a specified time. With a Trust, the beneficiaries can avoid the probate process and more quickly receive their inheritances.

Some Trusts allow you to access your assets throughout your life and control the timing and recipients of asset distribution upon your death. In general, it is much more versatile than a Will.

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