GWT Payment and Refund Policy

By purchasing products and services, you agree to pay GoWillTrust fees for services according to our terms of sale. Additional services may be requested at an additional fee. If you elect to use paid aspects of the Services, you are agreeing to our terms of sale, pricing, payment, billing policies, and refund policies applicable to such fees and charges. GoWillTrust may request additional fees for added services to fulfill the order. By purchasing services you agree to have your credit card charged for all fees including charges for requested services, additional services, and any state/government fees.

GoWillTrust can cancel services at any time at its own discretion. GoWillTrust may request or add services for added fees, as well as, suspend, amend services or fees for services at its discretion.

All purchases are final and all cancellations or refund requests must be made in writing within 30 days of purchase and emailed to our Customer Support Department at When contacting us, please provide all details relating to the Services you have purchased and the reason for your cancellation or refund request. All refund requests are reviewable at the discretion of GoWillTrust. In the event of services being suspended or canceled by GoWillTrust, all such refunds are reviewable by the sole discretion of GoWillTrust.

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